For Young People

There are times in our lives when we don’t know how to help ourselves and when we need someone to talk to. At the GAP you will find friendly counsellors you can speak to about whatever you need.

Everything you discuss with counsellors at the GAP is treated with utmost discretion, as we maintain confidentiality. You can talk to us any time during opening hours, write us an email or call. The counselling is free of charge.

Our counsellors are happy to help you with all your problems, but also have some special areas of expertise:

Mirjam Müllen

Special emphases:
- general problems & emotional crises
- coming out
- realationship advise



Telegram & text messaging:
+49 1578 0347957

Queer Refugees

You recently fled to Germany? You’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed with the Asylum process? You are afraid to tell other people about your sexual or gender identity? You are looking to connect with other refugees who share similar experiences to yours?

Then you are invited to make use of our counselling services. We offer advice anonymously and free of charge. We will not share any kind of information without your explicit approval.

If needed, we can organize an interpretor in your preferred language. Contact us over the phone or write us an email to make an appointment.

Your counsellor:

del Castillo Albildo, Theo

Social Worker

Special emphases:
- supporting B_PoC (Blacks and People of Color)
- queer refugees support

English & Spanish and German


LeeWang, Ching

Special emphases:
- supporting B_PoC (Blacks and People of Color)
- queer refugees support

English & Mandarin Chinese


Telegram & text messaging:
+49 1573 5443630

Parents, Relatives & Professionals

Your child came out to you and you don’t know how to proceed?
Do you have a feeling your brother or cousin could be gay, lesbian or transgender?
As a teacher or social worker you want to approach the subjects of gender identity and sexual orientation „appropriately“?

Sexual and gender diversity seem to be more and more present, especially in the media. Nevertheless, particularly at schools, where teenagers spend a great deal of their time, education regarding same-sex love relationships and gender identity is lacking. A substantial amount of students still feel uncomfortable talking about these topics and are stuck in stereotypes. In the worst case this could lead to gay, lesbian, bi or transgender teens experiencing discrimination, homo- and transphobia by their peers.

As a teacher, an educator or a parent you can quickly be overwhelmed by the situation, unsure of how to react properly.

Maybe you are simply lacking the proper vocabulary.

We are here to support you!

Gap in Bonn
Obere Wilhelmstr. 29
53225 Bonn Beuel

Phone:  +49 228 9490977